Summer is officially here! If you're looking for something different to do that will have the kids entertained and give them a summer they'll never forget...jump in the car for a quick trip to Albany.

If you've ever wanted to live out your Jurassic Park dreams, safely of course, with your family Dinosaur Adventure park is giving you the chance.

From July 23rd to August 1st, Dinosaur Adventure will take over for the first time ever at the Altamont Fairgrounds in Albany. It looks like the "Life-sized, roaring dinosaurs have broken free from their Jurassic enclosures" according to the Dinosaur Adventure Facebook page. This drive thru prehistoric journey features a "ferocious T-Rex, a colossal Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor" and some more of their dino-friends.

The Dinosaur Adventure drive thru takes about 25-35 minutes with additional dinosaur themed activities after the tour, which are sold separately.

Because these drive-thru tours are super popular, tickets for the event sell out quickly. Tickets for the Dinosaur Adventure tour are on sale now with limited amount of tickets and time slots available.

Tickets can be purchased online for a specific time slot, they are also "any time tickets" available for purchase through the Dinosaur Adventure website. These tickets do not require an exact time for arrival, however they are limited. No tickets will be sold onsite.

1 ticket is good for 1 car load up to 8 people. Tickets are $49 each.

It sounds like all the fun of Jurassic Park minus that horrifying bathroom scene.

Visit for more ticket details. 

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