Imagine you could take two cheesy snack food and make them cheesier and easier to enjoy. For all of us cheese fans that is a no-brainer, bring it on. That's just what Pizza Hut and Cheez-It have done. According to an online article I found today released by Delish, Pizza Hut and Cheez-it have teamed up to bring us cheese lovers a cheese pocket snack that is both Cheez-it and pizza.

Everyone is talking about it. Apparently Pizza Hut announced today the Stuffed Cheez-it Pizza which will be a limited-time menu item. They are saying it really isn't a pizza as much as it's a square of cheez-it stuffed with cheese. Delish reports that there are 4 squares in a box that looks and smell exactly like Cheez-its. The secret is that Pizza Hut figured out how to put cheez-it dust in the crust. They will be offering them with just cheese inside or cheese and pepperoni.

To make it as real as possible they are even putting ridges around the crust and indents in the middle so they look like a Cheez-it. According to the folks at Delish who got an early taste of this cheesy marriage, they are a bit saltier than regular Cheez-its and even though they come with a marinara dipping sauce, they are just fine without it. There is no sauce inside so adding the dipping sauce makes it taste more like pizza and less like Cheez-its.

It is not clear when or how long they will begin serving these delicious pockets of cheesy goodness but I can report that they are available through the online menu at Hopefully that means you can get them at your neighborhood Hudson Valley Pizza Hut.

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