So let's talk Oreo cookies for a moment. I think it has to be un-American not to like Oreos. I am not a huge fan of the cookie but somehow you need it. The cookie makes the creme in the center awesome.

Nowadays you can get just about every imaginable flavor of Oreo. When I was growing up they didn't even have double stuff, now there are all kinds of varieties making it impossible to not like Oreos. With the number of choices now available there literally is an Oreo for everyone.

I thought by now I would outgrow this cookie that I have eaten since my childhood some 50 years ago but no. I still find myself standing in the Oreo aisle at the grocery. Yes, there are so many it feels like they have an aisle all to themselves. I stand there checking out all the new varieties.

No Holiday Oreos this Year

This year I was disappointed in Oreo over the holidays. They never put out the Oreo that is covered in white chocolate. That Oreo is a  Christmas tradition at my house but we had to skip it this year I guess because of the supply chain thing. We didn't go without Oreos though instead, we substituted with their new favor Peanut Butter Pie, which is so good.

So the reason I am sharing all this Oreo info is that I just saw on Facebook that Oreo is offering you a chance to customize Oreos for Valentine's day. Imagine getting your Valentine an Oreo with their face on it. Forget personalized jewelry it is time to personalize some Oreos.

We do have a love affair with food.

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