We have another place to get a cup of coffee. I was on Facebook the other night and a few people were posting about a new coffee shop that opened up and the post was getting a good amount of buzz. These stories are always my favorite to write because it's also very encouraging to hear about new businesses opening up.

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What new coffee shop opened up in the Hudson Valley?

Perk Up Facebook/Canva
Perk Up Facebook/Canva

The spot is called Perk Up and it looks adorable. I was looking at a few pictures on their Facebook Page and they have cool coffee choices, avocado toast, baked goods and more. A few customers even posted about their experience and so far it seems like everything is going great:

  • Majka- "Best coffee, quiet place, great music and food? Soups every day new and amazing".
  • Amy-"Delicious, quick, friendly & convenient".

Sounds like a fun place to read a book, do some work or catch up with a friend.

Where is the new coffee shop located?

Perk Up is located on 198 Route 216 in Stormville, NY. Stormville is a very nice area and a lot of people ending passing through there at some point.

I'm already getting hungry and have a weak spot for a good cup or iced coffee...

If you plan on visiting Perk Up, let us know how it is. Send us more information on the station app about your experience. We wish them nothing but good luck on this new Hudson Valley adventure.

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