The Hudson Valley is known to have some of the best hunting spots throughout New York and many residents take part throughout the year.

In the Orange County area, they are looking to "expand junior hunting license opportunities."

If you ask any hunter about their best hunting memories, they'll probably tell you a story about going hunting with older family members when they were younger. In a press release from Orange County, news was shared that a new Environmental Conservation Law (Section 11-093) was passed which would allow "12-and 13-year-old youths to hunt deer with a firearm or crossbow under the direct supervision of an experienced adult hunter."

Orange County is an "eligible area" for this hunting law to be in place.

Orange County Executive, Steve Neuhaus wrote in a statement :

Since I was a kid growing up in Orange County, I have enjoyed fishing, hunting and spending as much time as I can in the great outdoors. Hunting is a wonderful activity and often shared and passed down for generations in families throughout the County. This local law will help ensure that future generations enjoy and preserve the outdoors

The press release explains that Neuhaus along with Orange County legislators Tom Faggione and Paul Ruszkiewicz "generated interest and action in the local law, which passed the Committee by a vote of 8-0."

On Thursday May 6, the vote will move forward during the Legislature's next full meeting.

For more information regarding junior hunting licenses in New York State, visit DEC.NY.GOV.

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