Politicians from Orange County worked to secure a grant that will help local residents in their fight against heroin addiction and more.

On Tuesday, Senator William J. Larkin, Jr. announced that he secured a $50,000 grant for the Orange County District Attorney's Office. The grant, from the Federal Edward Byrne/Justice Assistance Grant Program, must be used for new drug, violence and crime prevention programs.

According to Larkin, the Orange County Drug Task Force will use this grant to fight opioid addiction, an epidemic that is running rampant in the Hudson Valley across New York State.

"Now more than ever, our law enforcement agencies need all the assistance they can get,” Senator Larkin stated. “I am pleased that I could do my part in securing funds that provide the District Attorney's office with the tools they need to help fight the scourge of drug addiction."

Orange County District Attorney David Hoover plans to use the grant money to purchase chemical testing equipment.

The Orange County Drug Task Force is comprised of members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, several local police departments including the Town of Crawford and Village of Washingtonville and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.