Social Media allows us to connect with one another and stay informed and updated on what's going on in our area with local businesses.

Some Hudson Valley businesses post their menus, upcoming events and giveaways on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. However, local businesses have also informed the community about when they move, close or overall, end their restaurant journey.

Did You Hear About These Hudson Valley Businesses?

For instance, Tony Boffa's Restaurant in Middletown, NY made a heartful post on social media thanking their customers for 71 years of business. Hudson Valley residents commented on this post that they would be missed. The building was reopened by YiShan Korean Restaurant and is ready to serve hungry customers.

A similar situation happened with Joey's Pizza in Middletown, NY. The previous owners also thanked their loyal customers for many years of serving them but were going to sell the business to another family. Joey's Pizza is now under new management and open for business.

An Orange County, NY Restaurant Made A Major Announcement On Social Media


This popular and family-run taco shop made an announcement on social media that shocked Hudson Valley residents.

Tactikal Tacos is located in the heart of Port Jervis, NY. This one-of-a-kind taco shop takes pride in never being fried or boring but instead, "smoked or slow cooked."

Their "guilt-free" tacos not only filled hungry stomachs in Port Jervis but warmed their hearts too, being made with love.

Tactikal Tacos Of Port Jervis, NY Shares A Message On Their Social Media

On March 10, 2023, Tactikal Tacos wrote a heartfelt message to their valued customers.

"To our devoted customers:

As all of you know, our small business is family owned and operated. Family is extremely important to us and our customers have become our extended family as well. It is with sad and heavy hearts that we must announce that we will not be re-opening this spring at our current location on Jersey Avenue in Port Jervis. At our request, our property management graciously allowed early termination of our lease so we could focus on family and family estate issues. Things move slowly when dealing with life estates, especially if those estates are located outside of the U.S. and our family must fly back and forth to get any and everything done.


Time is not on our side in this situation and we will have to do much traveling this year. This will cause many days and possibly weeks of closure dates for the restaurant in the very near future, so we decided to not re-open. We hope that our food created a warm and special place in your hearts for Tactikal Tacos. We appreciate all the support we've gotten from our community and those passing through. Perhaps this won't be a final farewell from us but it is a 'Hasta La Vista' for the time being. Take care of yourselves and one another. We miss your faces already. - Tactikal Staff"


Tactikal Tacos Announced News for Spring 2023

After reading Tactikal Tacos posts on social media, Hudson Valley residents expressed their opinion on the news.

With over 50 comments, loyal, Hudson Valley customers couldn't hold back.

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Some of them shared, 

"You guys are great. Best of luck in handling what matters most. Hope to see you make a comeback in the future!"


"Our love to you and yours. May this transition be healthy and peaceful"


"You will all definitely be missed. Family first hope to see you on the backside. God Bless you all. Thank you for making the artwork we called food."


"You guys were amazing. Going to miss you. But hopefully you can open again in the future when the time is right."


"Family first, thank you for the great food and for great hospitality. It was a joy to stop in there on my lunch break and get some sanity sitting in your restaurant to have lunch. If you ever consider catering or open please let me know!!"

The community expressed compassionate, uplifting and positive messages to the owners of Tactikal Tacos.

What's Next For Tactikal Tacos of Port Jervis, NY?

Although it's unknown what will happen next for this popular taco shop, there is one thing that is certain. When and if they make their return, they will have loyal, hungry and happy customers waiting at their door to welcome them back.

Where is your favorite place to grab tacos in the Hudson Valley? Share with us below.

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