There seems to be nowhere more divided than Orange County, NY.

Everyone knows just how heated the election season of 2020 was. And even now that it's over and Joe Biden is the official President-Elect, there are still people arguing about it. While most of the Hudson Valley went blue, casting a majority of its votes for Biden, one county was so close that only 113 ballots separated the presidential candidates.

As it was throughout the rest of the country, mail-in and absentee ballots have been responsible for a large percentage of votes in the Hudson Valley. Since election day, workers at the local Board of Elections have been busy counting each and every vote before submitting their official count to Albany.

Unofficial results were posted on Election Night, placing Trump in the lead in many places throughout the Hudson Valley. But after tallying all of the absentee ballots from early voters, Biden gained a significant amount of votes in Orange, surged ahead in Dutchess and grew an even bigger lead in Ulster.

While Trump earned more in-person votes in Dutchess, once all votes were counted, Biden easily won the county by 15,000 votes.  Ulster County had the biggest margin, with Trump losing to Biden by over 20,000 votes. With numbers like these, you'd think the entire Hudson Valley went blue for Biden, but that wasn't necessarily the case in Orange County.

Official results from Orange County show voters deeply divided. In fact, if this wasn't a presidential race, numbers like this would be considered a statistical tie. Once all ballots were counted, the winning candidate received just .06% more votes than his opponent.

A whopping 84,955 Orange County voters opted for Biden, while 85,068 of them cast their ballots for Trump. That's a win for Trump of just 113 votes. It's clear that the voters in Orange County are passionate about their candidates, and that they're also deeply divided on how the country should be run. Let's hope that now the election is over, the Hudson Valley can put some of those partisan politics behind and work towards making the future a better place here at home.

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