I think it's time we offer up the mystery of Oniontown to the professionals.

I grew up hearing the terrifying theme to 'Unsolved Mysteries' on television. My dad would watch the original true-crime series religiously. He never missed an episode. When the show would come on I would run in the other room while Robert Stack would talk about some grisly murder and how the killer was still on the loose. I vividly remember my brother always convincing me that the killer was last seen in my home town just to scare me.

As I grew older I developed an appreciation for the show myself. I'm obsessed with it now. If you're not familiar with Unsolved Mysteries or maybe you loved it and want to re-watch them you can catch every episode on Amazon Prime.

If you have Netflix as well you might have noticed that the series has been rebooted. Unlike the older series the reboot only has 6 episodes in the current season which leads me to believe they might be short on content.

I would like to offer up one of the most mysterious places in the Hudson Valley if not the world. I'm talking of course about Oniontown.

I tried to get information on this places years ago but I came up empty handed.

Oniontown is one of those places that no one in the Hudson Valley likes to talk about. A 45 minute segment on the hit show could help clear up a lot of confusion.

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