Attorney Ernestina Chavez Carosella remembers something her father always said when she was a child:  “A chain link fence is not strong because of the individual metal links. It is strong because of the unity of those links.”

The Hispanic community is the largest minority community in the United States, accounting for roughly 18 percent of the population. Yet, they are often made to feel isolated. It is this isolation that has caused many Hispanics to keep quiet when they are injured in an accident.

Ernestina Chavez Carosella works for personal injury law firm, O’Connor & Partners, which proudly has Latinos helping Latinos! They truly understand the power of being able to communicate with someone in their native language. They want their clients to be able to make their voices heard and to speak honestly without it getting lost in translation.

At O’Connor & Partners, they believe in that unity; you are not alone and you are not invisible. You are heard – whether it is in English or Spanish. Because together, we are stronger. Call O’Connor & Partners at 845-303-8777 or visit them online here today!

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