Don't be fooled by the Christmas spirit here, we're pretty close to a place that is tremendously lacking it. A lot of people think New York is one of the best places for Christmas and they make it a point to come visit during the holiday season. The Hudson Valley is filled with towns that look like they belong in a Hallmark movie and it's just a short train ride away from the New York City where everything happens. However, it might not be as much of a "Christmasy" as you think.

StPeteArtisan via Youtube/Canva
StPeteArtisan via Youtube/Canva

Where is the 'grinchiest' city in the United States?

I'm not a Christmas fan at all, but this is even surprising to me. I'll give you some hints, this place is filled with holiday markets, it holds a pretty big SantaCon event and is home to the most known Christmas tree across the country. Still not sure?

According to FinanceBuzz, NEW YORK CITY is taking the title for the grinchiest place in the United States. Wow. Data was reportedly looked at from all 50 states and some factors in this were how many holiday decoration shops, Christmas tree lots, gift shops and food banks there. Ouch. NYC also has a very low population of people who volunteer. Not a good look...

The Hudson Valley connection:

Since we are very close to New York City it is our job...well yours, to help increase the Christmas spirit so New York doesn't seem like a ton of scrooges. Decorate a little extra this year, donate if you have extra time and money and remember that the holidays can be a tough time for even the happiest people so be extra kind to everyone.

We're still pushing for the Christmas spirit, here are train stations that have been transformed for the holidays and some cool candy cane shops:

WOW!! All Aboard! Look At The Transformation of These 12 Historic Upstate New York Train Stations

A century ago it seemed that every small town and village had a railroad coming through it and a train depot to welcome it. Today there are far fewer train depots still standing from the glory years of American railroad history. But there are some, and they have been transformed into everything from restaurants to museums. Here are 12 of the best.

Candy Canes and Ribbon Candy Take the Spotlight in Upstate New York Candy Shops at Christmas

Everybody has a favorite Christmas candy item. Whether it was something Grandma made from an old family recipe, or maybe it is something from the corner candy store of your youth, Christmas candy is a joyful memory that has carried on to the present day.

These 11 Upstate New York candy shops make thousands of miles of colorful ribbon candy each year. And hand pull and bend countless red and white striped candy canes for their customers. You will enjoy this list of candy shops that make each.

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