Doh! A robbery suspect's big getaway attempt was foiled when he was unable to get the escape car he had entered into gear. The City of Newburgh Police said in a press release on their Facebook page that a man was seen trespassing Saturday evening in the area of 24 City Terrace. Police say the suspect robbed a person of their cell phone and then tried to enter the victim's car to drive away.

Officers responded to the call of the trespassing man in the vicinity Saturday. However, when they arrived, they discovered a victim who told them that they had asked the intruder to leave their building. This is when the alleged robber took the other person's phone and then jumped in their car. The trip was a short one, as police say the suspect couldn't get the other individual's car into proper gear. Instead, he decided to flee on foot.

Police say the victim helped officers locate the 33-year-old suspect. Authorities say the suspect was arrested nearby and charged with two felony counts of robbery.

In Other Local News...Man Charged With Hate Crime

A lower Hudson Valley man was charged after a vicious attack against a 67-year-old Asian woman in an apartment building Friday. Video of the assault has been featured on the local news and all across social media, leaving many people quite rattled as violent crime continues to rise. The 42-year-old suspect has been charged with assault and attempted murder, as well as a hate crime after he allegedly punched and stomped on the victim over 125 times in the brutal assault.

Westchester County District Attorney Miriam E. Rocah announced that Tammel Esco of Yonkers was charged with a hate crime after the attack on the woman as she entered the building in Yonkers. A press release from the Westchester Office of the D.A. says the suspect approached the victim from behind and began punching her in the head, eventually knocking her to the ground. The District Attorney's Office says the suspect called the victim an "Asian bitch"  before assaulting her.

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