COVID-19 is quietly spreading in Newburgh more than most of New York State.

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On Sunday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the state would start taking "aggressive enforcement" on the top-20 hot spot ZIP codes, which includes parts of Orange and Rockland counties.

Looking at the date supplied by New York State, the Newburgh ZIP code of 12550 is among the top 10 hot spot ZIP codes.

Newburgh (12550)

  • % Positive 10/4: 5.9%
  • % Positive 10/3: 7.2%
  • % Positive 3 Day Avg: 6.0%

Newburgh reported the eighth highest positive rate for tests conducted on Oct. 4 and the seventh positive rate for tests conducted on Oct. 3 as well as over the past three days, according to data supplied by Cuomo's office.

An Orange County Department of Health spokesperson told Hudson Valley Post the following when asked to comment on how officials are trying to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Newburgh and Monroe:

Countywide the Health Department has contacted dozens if not hundreds of entities across the County when PAUSE complaints come in. As necessary, the Health Department has issued subpoenas and cease and desist orders since the summer. We will continue to have the Health Department be proactive about PAUSE Complaints and provide outreach to communities and ask that residents remain vigilant about social distancing and wearing masks to stop the spread of the disease

There are 34 active COVID-19 cases in the City of Newburgh and 23 active COVID-19 cases in the Town of Newburgh, according to the Orange County COVID-19 Dashboard. Nearby New Windsor has 27 active COVID-19 cases.

The Monroe, Monsey and Spring Valley regions are considered the biggest hot spots in the state, in terms of positive COVID-19 tests.

When asked during his press conference if he will be closing schools in Orange and Rockland counties he said "we may" but added more research needs to be done before a decision is made.

Cuomo said the state doesn' have the same level of testing problems in the Orange and Rockland County hot spots as in New York City. However, late Monday, Orange County officials decided to take action.

The Orange County Health Department closed all public, private and religious schools as well as educational facilities in the Village of Kiryas Joel and Town of Palm Tree.

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