Families of 99 missing people, including the family of a woman from the Hudson Valley, are praying for a miracle after a condo collapsed in Florida.

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Rescuers continue to dig and crawl through the rubble, searching for survivors over 24 hours after almost half a 12-story building crashed down in Surfside, Florida, not far from Miami.

As of this writing, there are 102 survivors. Three people are confirmed dead, but officials believe that number will climb because 99 people are still missing. Among the missing is a woman who used to live in Westchester County.

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Judy Spiegel, who is originally from Plainview on Long Island, is among the missing. She also lived in Ardsley, according to public records.

“You know, we just want to be with our mom,” Rachel Spiegel, Judy's daughter, told CBS. "What we’re hoping for is they’ll find her quickly and that she’s still alive."

Judy and her husband lived on the sixth floor of the now-demolished Florida condo. Judy's husband is safe. He was traveling in California at the time of the building collapse.

“She was the best, our best friend. I can’t live without her,” Josh Spiegel, Judy's son, told CBS.

Engineers are investigating what caused the building to collapse, but say it could take years. Investigators are looking into a 2020 study that claimed the building was unstable and sinking at alarming rates since the 1990s.

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