Should all schools do this?

Vaping has been big news for sometime now, with some states including New York saying that it is not a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes because of some reported illnesses due to vaping.

One of the biggest issues has also been the fact that many teenagers have begun vaping because at one time it seemed OK for them to buy and use products like Juul, Blu and many more. Age restrictions have been put in place so that teens can no longer buy any vaping products legally but that has not stopped them from doing it and some schools report that it has become a major problem.

If you think back to when you and I were in school, I'll admit it that a time or two, I sneaked off into the bathroom and tried to smoke a quick cigarette, now I always got caught because of the smoke and the smell. After a few times I stop trying.

Now it looks like many schools are dealing with a very similar issue as kids are reportedly vaping in school bathrooms and it has become almost impossible to stop because some of the vaping products have no smell are hard to detect.

That is all about to change as one school in the Albany area have begun to install vaping detectors in their bathrooms, according to News 10.

The Colonie Central High School have installed vaping detectors to prevent students from vaping in the bathroom and if a student is vaping, the sensor will pick it up and a text message and an email will be sent out to alert staff members.

The school has made plans to install nine more detectors throughout the school this fall and hopes that other schools follow.

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