The term pickle ball has been popping up a lot lately. I first saw that it was being offered at a local rec center. A few days later, I noticed that there were pickle ball flyers all over my gym. It seems that this sport is growing in the Hudson Valley.

I’m always looking for new adventures or ways to have fun while staying fit and active so I decided to check out what pickle ball is all about. You’re probably wondering just as I was, are there actually pickles involved and where did that name even come.

What is pickle ball?

The story behind pickle ball is interesting considering that there are not any pickles involved. Rumor has it that pickle ball was named after the dog of one the games inventors. However, the dog was actually named after pickle ball was created. The inventors claim that they don’t remember exactly why they chose the name pickle ball. They insisted that they needed a fun name to go along with this activity. The game originated in the 1960's in the state of Washington. The creators were several friends who wanted to find an activity to keep their "bored" families active in the summer months.

Who can play?

Pickle ball can be played by all ages. This sport can be learned quickly and is easy to play. For some folks, getting together for pickle ball is simply a good workout. Not only is this activity fun, it brings the community together and is not over strenuous. Pickle ball is now known as one of the fastest growing sports among all ages.

How to play pickle ball

Pickle ball is played as singles or as doubles. Doubles would consist of two players per team and is more common. To start playing, head to court and don’t forget to bring your paddle. Be sure to bring the official pickle ball, ball which looks similar to a wiffle ball.Unlike tennis, there isn’t an overhead serve. Similar to ping pong, the ball is served underhand.

As this sport becomes more popular the number of courts available to play on increases as well. There are also pickle ball tournaments to join. I need to know, would the winner’s trophy be in the shape of a pickle? Ha-ha.

The Hudson Valley is filled with places to play this ever growing sport!

  • Circleville Park



  • Orange Hollow Racquet And Fitness Club



  • Grahamsville Pickle ball



  • Taconic Sport And Racquet

Hopewell Junction


  • YMCA of Kingston and Loughran Park



  • Granite Knolls Park

Mohegan Lake


  • Veterans Memorial Park Tennis Courts



  • Spratt Park and Pulaski Park



  • Torne Valley Community Center



  • Delfino Park

White Plains


Leave a comment below and let me know where you’re hitting the courts, see you there!

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