In a last minute attempt to save net neutrality laws, 22 states, including New York, refiled lawsuits to block the repeal. Lawsuits were refiled by the states' Attorney General on Thursday to stop a landmark repeal of free and open internet laws.

Reuters reports that the FCC made an official notice of the order to overturn net neutrality laws on Thursday. Shortly after, the lawsuits were refiled. The FCC voted to repeal the laws in December 2016. Companies like Google, Netflix, and Reddit have all voiced support for net neutrality rules.

Repealing these laws would allow Internet service providers (ISPs) to block certain websites, pay more for certain content, and adjust the speed to access certain sites.

New York's Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has led the fight against the repeal. According to a press release from Schneiderman's office, they allege that the FCC cannot make 'arbitrary' changes to existing policies.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order to save net neutrality in New York in January. The order said that New York cannot enter into a contract with an ISP that does not follow net neutrality rules. However, the order filed by the FCC would prevent states from imposing their own net neutrality rules.

Net neutrality will officially end on April 23, 2018, according to CNN, unless the lawsuits win.

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