A discontinued condiment that went for thousands on eBay is coming to Hudson Valley McDonald's locations, as well as a highly sought after milkshake.

It's a great time to be alive and living near a Hudson Valley McDonald's location. This week some lucky customers were greeted with signs that announced the return of the Shamrock Shake. The green, minty drink is making its annual appearance at select locations leading up to St. Patrick's Day. McDonald's released a mobile app to help fans find locations selling the limited-edition shake. According to the map, most Hudson Valley locations are selling it.

Customers who enjoyed McDonald's other Shamrock concoctions that were released last year may be disappointed though. The Chocolate Shamrock Shake and mint versions of their frappe, hot chocolate and mocha are reportedly not back on the menu.

McDonald's also announced that they would finally be re-releasing more packets of Szechuan Sauce on Monday, February 26. In October there were riots at McDonald's locations throughout the country as people tried to get their hands on the beloved condiment that were handed out in extremely limited quantities. After the cartoon "Rick and Morty" brought attention to the sauce, fans started a petition to bring it back. Only a select number of restaurants, including the McDonald's on Main Street in Poughkeepsie, gave out the packets to customers.

The response led McDonald's to increase production and now they will be making 20 million packets available at all locations starting on Monday.

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