Do you have a higher risk of having a 'Karen' related incident in New York than other states in the country? You just might according to some research.

People named Karen walk among us. Sadly real people named Karen are getting lumped in with a stereotype that we just can't seem to avoid. If you live in New York it turns out that you've got a very high chance of having a 'Karen' Encounter.

2020 seems to be the year of the 'Karen.'

The Urban Dictionary definition of a 'Karen' is a roughly a privileged and middle aged woman with short hair who complains to managers over very minor issues. It's not a good stereotype but that's definitely a type of person who exists. People having run-ins with these people even attract viral attention. There a are a ton of videos on social media and YouTube to prove that point. It started out as a an angry soccer mom, then someone who was mad that their coffee order was wrong. The 'Karen' trope evolved in to a full on monster.

Do you have higher odds of interacting with a 'Karen' in New York than in other states? According to, New York was the second highest state with 'Karen' related incidents in 2018. According to the research, there were 17 incidents that got media attention. California landed first place with 26. 'Karen' has gone coast to coast.

The research also shows where you are more likely to run into a 'Karen" in public.

Beenverified reports that you have a 20% chance of running into a 'Karen' at the store, a 19% chance in a neighborhood, 13% on the streets, 11% at a park and 11% at a restaurant.

Do you belive that New York is high in 'Karen' numbers? Have you had an experience of your own?


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