State officials enforcing COVID-19 mask rules have been spotted in the Hudson Valley. People caught not wearing a mask in parts of the Hudson Valley face fines or even jail.

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The New York State Department of Health requested staffers volunteer to enforce COVID-19 regulations like mask-wearing and social distancing in Orange and Rockland counties, the New York Post reports. The state is asking for volunteers to work overtime in the Hudson Valley until at least New Year's Day

“Staff is needed for immediate URGENT deployment to Orange and Rockland counties to assist with this critical public health and community enforcement effort,” the DOH said in an email to employees obtained by the New York Post. “The DOH is responsible for community outreach and enforcement of Executive Orders and regulations related to the use of face-coverings/masks and social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19."

Hudson Valley Post reached out to top officials in Orange County who confirmed the mask enforcers.

"We continue to amplify our communications on protective measures throughout all of our towns and municipalities. As soon as we started seeing the increase in Orange County in August, in anticipation for continued increased cases we put in place broad communications and education through radio, community health outreach, dual language pamphlets and staffing education kiosks in malls. We continue to provide these educational resources to the residents of Orange County and encourage all to follow health guidelines during the pandemic," Health Commissioner Dr. Irina Gelman said in a statement.

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus added New York State Police are also enforcing COVID-19 safety rules.

“I met with the state police last week. They’re going to supermarkets, department stores. They’re saying, `hey wear a mask, here’s a free mask," Neuhaus told the New York Post. "We’re on it. We got it. But you can never say it enough and the repercussions of these numbers continuing to climb warrant a strong message of awareness and enforcement."

Hudson Valley Post previously reported police in parts of Orange County are strongly enforcing the mask mandate. People caught not wearing a mask face fines or even jail.

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