Every New Yorker knows that there are certain things that we all need to do, just to be able to go grocery shopping. Right? If you don't do these things, there is going to be drama.

So how can you avoid the grocery shopping drama? Make sure that you have the following 3 things, each time you go grocery shopping. Keep scrolling till the end, there is one more thing that could make your shopping easier.

What does every New Yorker need to know about grocery shopping?

Shopping cart with foods at the grocery store

First and foremost, you need to bring patience and a "what will be out of stock this week" attitude. What, you thought all of these things were going to be rocket science? Nope. Be patient. There are fewer people working and more items that are either out of stock, or the price has been jacked up tremendously. So, patience and understanding should be the main things you bring with you.

What else should you know about grocery shopping in New York State?


Depending on where you are grocery shopping, you will need a quarter. I keep one in the car just for shopping carts and then make sure I put it back in the same spot so I always have it ready to go. I recently went to a store and they had those quarter lock things on the shopping carts, but none of the carts were locked.

TIP: If you want to use a cart, but don't have a quarter on you, go to the customer service counter and ask for one. Almost every place I have asked for one has given me one and I have never had to return the quarter.

What is the third thing that you need to know about grocery shopping in New York State?


The third thing you will need to do when grocery shopping in New York State is to bring your own reusable bags with you. Bring the bags with you out to the car, remember to bring them with you into the store, and then put them back in the car when you are done.

What was the last bonus thing to help your grocery shopping go even smoother (allegedly)? Use the store scanning gun as you go through the store to scan your items, and then bag your items as you go. You can also download the store app to your smartphone and scan your items with that as well. You will get to the front of the shopping line, they will scan the device and you will be all set to go.

Any other grocery store shopping tips or hacks that you would like to share with us?

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