A family holiday tradition turned into a heartfelt donation for some wolves living just outside the Hudson Valley.

On December 29, 2022, the Lakota Wolf Preserve shared through its social media that it had been the recipient of a donation that was an annual event between a boy named Nathan and his Aunt.

Each year Nathan's Aunt gives him a sum of cash, this year it was $50. The only catch is that Nathan has to then in turn "pass it on".

Milford New Jersey Teen Donate Christmas Cash to Local Wolves

In a letter that the Lakota Wolf Preserve shared on Facebook, Nathan went on to explain why he chose the preserve and the wolves that call it home.

According to Nathans's note, he had visited the Lakota Wolf Preserve with his family earlier in 2022 and had "a blast." He went on to say how much he enjoyed learning about the wolves and how the preserve protects them.

Turns out this is not the first time I have heard about this preserve that is located just outside the Hudson Valley in Columbia, New Jersey. Earlier this year a co-worker of mine took his family there and suggested I make a trip as well knowing that I am such a wolf fan.

I haven't gotten a chance to get there yet but I am looking forward to the adventure now that I am seeing so many great stories about the work they do.

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