It is birthday season at the Lakota Wolf Preserve just over the New York border in Columbia, New Jersey which is near the Pocono Mountains. The Lakota Wolf Preserve is a Natural Wolf Preserve offering tours and educational programs to the public about wolves.

If you are not familiar with this preserve it is the only one of its kind in the State of New Jersey. It is also the largest in the Northeastern United States according to the official website

Northeast Largest Wolf Preserve is a Short Drive From New York

Lakota Wolf Preserve via Facebook
Lakota Wolf Preserve via Facebook

Owners and Managers Jim Stein and Becky Mace are clear to point out that they are not affiliated with the Lakota Indian People, they actually named the preserve after one of their first wolves Lakota. They also like the name because of the meaning of the word Lakota. Lakota means friend or alliance of friends.

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The preserve is home to other animals including foxes, bobcats, and lynx but the wolves are truly a popular draw for people to the preserve. This past week has been an extra treat on the preserve's social media because they are sharing videos and photos of all the wolves in honor of their birthdays. Wolf pups are typically born this time of year so many of the Wolves that call the Lakota Wolf Preserve home are celebrating.

Lakota Wolf Preserve via Facebook
Lakota Wolf Preserve via Facebook

Sassa the Wolf turns 6 at the Lakota Wolf Preserve

Working backward from the Facebook posts that were shared this week Sassa celebrated her 6th Birthday which is a bit of a miracle considering she had severe developmental and physical disabilities when she arrived at the preserve. You can read her full story on the Lakota Wolf Preserves Facebook page. Basically, she wasn't given a good prognosis but the care she has received made it possible for her to thrive and people's donations help support her recovery.

Sassa Then & Now: Trying out her howl and Now Playing with an elder

The Youngest wolves at the preserve celebrated their birthday on April 28th. Abby and Ianna are sisters celebrating their 4th birthday. This video was filmed by Alissa of them playing in a puddle.

Watch Wolves At Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia New Jersey Play in a Puddle

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PHOTOS: The Lakota Wolf Preserve Residents Celebrating Birthdays

Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia New Jersey

The Wolves of the Lakota Wolf Preserve is located just over the New York State border near the Pocono Mountains in Columbia, New Jersey. They are the Northeast's largest wolf preserve. They offer tours and educational programs.

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