In a scene that resembled something out of Jaws, a group of fishermen about thirty miles off of Point Pleasant, New Jersey got the surprise of a lifetime.

In a now viral video posted on Facebook, a great white shark can be seen approaching their boat; the Big Nutz Required II  (lol), and grabbing a yellow bag of chum as the band of bros can be heard hootin' n hollerin' away. It was quite a moment:

Dude that was the coolest f***ing thing I’ve ever seen, oh my God, dude! Once in a lifetime man!

Fisherman Jeff Crilly says the Big Nutz is around 31 feet, and that the shark must have been over half as long as that. Crilly told the Asbury Press: 

It was harder to guess the weight because we had nothing to compare it to, but it was probably about 2,000 pounds.

Great whites are actually not that uncommon in the Atlantic this time of year, as they can spotted anywhere from the Southeastern U.S. all the way north to Canada.

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