Should New York State follow along with this bill?

According to WTEN, a new bill in Nevada would allow police to search your cell phone after a car crash. Here is how it would work: if you get into a car accident, the police would be able to ask you if you were on your phone before the crash and based on your answer, they would then be allowed to plug a device into your phone to see if you were or not.

The bill titled Assembly Bill 200, if passed, would also allow police officers to take away the driver's license of anyone who refuses and suspend it for 90 days.

The device that police would use if the bill is passed would be something like the textalyzer app that went into testing last summer here in New York State.

The textalyzer device is similar to a breathalyzer test, but instead of helping police determine if a driver was drinking, it determines if he or she was texting while driving.

Here is how the textalyzer works: if police find your phone at the scene of a crash, or you hand it over to them yourself, they can then plug a cord in to your phone and attach it to their tablet and once connected they can see the exact time you last activated an app, if you were texting, emailing or scrolling through Facebook or any other social media sites.

Some are against the use of software like this because some feel that it would give police access to too much personal information like text messages, but the device makers told WTEN that when police use the device they will not be able to read your text messages.

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