A new series that was filmed in Orange County is set to premiere in Amazon Prime and Tubi.

A new series, BIG DOGS, is set to premiere on streaming services Amazon Prime and Tubi on Wednesday, July 1. The series, created by author Adam Dunn and based on his novels, was heavily filmed in Orange County, N.Y., including many locations in the City of and Town of Newburgh, among others.

Orange County Tourism Director Amanda Dana said:

This has been a great opportunity for our region, and many of our local film professionals, who have been able to gain professional experience while working close to home with on-location sites right here in the Hudson Valley. Another major economic benefit to the production of BIG DOGS in Orange County has been the additional revenue generated by food and lodging during the cast and crews’ more than one year-long stay

The premise for the new series is set in a violent, anarchic alternate reality of New York City during a financial collapse and a surging crime wave when a fashion photographer looking for extra cash finds himself in the cross-hairs between his boss, a front man for an international crime syndicate, and a New York Police Department detective working to crack down on the chaotic drug trade.

More than 400 local extras were hired over the course of the film’s production. In addition, approximately 30 non-local cast members relocated to the area during filming, spending their nights in multiple hotels and several local homes in the Newburgh area available through rental sites such as Airbnb. In total, an estimated $1.2 million was spent on lodging during the course of filming BIG DOGS.

Umbra Stages, located at 9 Scobie Drive in the City of Newburgh, served as one of many Orange County locations for the filming of BIG DOGS.

Orange County Tourism & Film Specialist Nora Martinez said:

That initial location inquiry developed into an ongoing relationship with Choice Films and proved instrumental in the making of the series. Choice Films has made Orange County their home base and are managing Umbra Stages in Newburgh. Filming in Orange County has dramatically increased since 2017. We expect the trend to continue.

For more information regarding filming, attractions, and lodging visit Orange County's website.


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