When Babies R' Us closed their doors last year, many people were left wondering not only where their one-stop-baby-shop would be, but also, where they would go for the car seat trade in event that many had become accustomed to.  Target filled that void this past year, and now WalMart has officially entered the game, and will be hosting the Nation's Largest Car Seat Recycling event.

Together with Tarracycle, more than 4,000 WalMart stores across the country will participate in the trade-in/recycling event from September 16th through the 30th

in celebration of National Baby Safety Month. Customers can trade in used car seats at the Service desk in any participating Walmart store and receive a $30 Walmart gift card* that can be used in store or online to buy items for their baby. All car seats collected in this program will be recycled through TerraCycle, and each component will be diverted from the landfill

According to the referenced article above, from WalMart corporate,

through this event, we expect to divert the plastic equivalent of approximately 35 million water bottles from landfills

It looks like all of the Hudson Valley WalMart locations will be participating in the event, but if you are curious about a specific store, in our area or outside, you can find participating locations here.

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