For months state and local officials have been lobbying to bring ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft to upstate New York and it finally appears their efforts are progressing. The popular app based services are all over the country, including New York City however complications with insurance has prevented their efforts to expand outside of the metropolitan area. But that could change soon.

This week the Senate voted 53-5 to approve a bill which will allow the services throughout New York State. However the bill has some major differences from the proposal put forth by the Governor last month. The Senate approved bill has a much lower tax rate, 2% compared to Cuomo's proposed 5.5%. The bill also lacks an Assembly sponsor so although approved it's far from a done deal.

Local officials like Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro have made it clear that there is a great support for these types of services in the Hudson Valley. Molinaro along with several other local and state officials have reached out to Albany to express their support. Molinaro says these new businesses will be a great benefit to the area and the local economy. If you'd like to join the effort to bring services like Uber and Lyft to the Hudson Valley you can sign a petition by clicking here.

Lawmakers have until March 31st to finalize the State budget.

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