I have uncovered some other ways you can dispose of your once live now dead Christmas tree. It feels like a harsh term but that tree which is now dried out and shedding pine needles all over the house can actually have a second life.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) has suggested that you consider leaving it in a shrub pile on your property in order for it to become a place birds can rest during the winter.

Getty Images/iStockphoto NYS Department of Environmental via Facebook 1-4-21
Getty Images/iStockphoto
NYS Department of Environmental via Facebook 1-4-21



Another great plan is to check in with your local highway department or town hall in case they might be planning either a pick up or a drop off for old trees. New Paltz used to hold an annual bonfire where you could bring your tree and watch the local fire department place it on the fire. Instead they now hold a mulching event. The Village of New Paltz announced it on Facebook last week.

New Paltz residents have two ways they can participate. The first is Village residents can leave their undecorate tree on the curb anytime before 10AM this Friday (Jan 8, 2021). This option requires a call to the DPW at 845-255-1980 to let them know the tree is ready for pick-up. The other option is to drop your tree off at the New Paltz Village DPW next to Village Hall. Again this needs to be done by 10AM Jan 8,2021.

The plan is to mulch all the trees and then make the mulch available to the public after Monday Jan 11, 2021. The mulch will be free and can be loaded at the Village's waste water treatment plant just off Huguenot Street.

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