It wasn't your ordinary Tuesday today at Montgomery Elementary in Orange County. While there were lunch and recess, which included a game of kickball, it was who was also in attendance at both of these events that made it a special day for the kids and adults alike.

Two years ago fifth graders in the school's DARE program had apparently challenged District Attorney Davide Hoovler to a game of kickball and when they surprised him by knowing the history of DARE and the 'Just Say No' campaign, they also won a pizza party.

Today was the rematch. Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus, District Attorney Davide Hoovler, and Chairman of the Legislator Steve Brescia once again treated the DARE students to a pizza party and then to a Kickball game. They took the field, and while the students were spotted 20 points and no score was kept, the students got the better of the Orange County Officials team.

DARE is a national in-school program that talks about violence, bullying, and other high-risk issues that can be part of a student's life. The goal is to help students make better choices for themselves. Today was a fun day to help keep this important message front and center in schools.

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