You walk up to your car one day and notice that there is something sticking out from under the windshield wiper, its money. Maybe it is something that just looks like money? Is it a gift from someone? Or did it maybe fall out of your pocket and a kind person found it and put it under the wiper?

There are a few reasons that the money could be there, but don't touch it. After a conversation with a police officer, there is only one thing that you should do, what is it? Keep reading.

Why would someone put money under my wiper blade?


Before you grab the cash, just know that this is not exactly a gift. There are a few scenarios where this is a creepy, not-good situation. There are people who just want to do you harm and have potentially laced that money (often counterfeit money) with drugs that upon contact with your skin make you sick, even start to make you incoherent. In that state, you would be vulnerable to physical harm and robbery, potentially even kidnapping. 

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What is another reason people could leave something that looks like money under your wipers?

The person(s) is hoping that you won't notice the item until you have started the car. Then when you get out of the car to get it, you'll still have the car running and they can just hop in and drive off with your car.

What should you do if you find money under your windshield wiper?

Find this and know that you are probably being watched. Your best course of action is to immediately lock your car and call the police. If you are near the police, you can drive to the station, but under no circumstances should you touch the money. Keep your safety top of mind until this has been removed.

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