Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro has vetoed a resolution that would allow liquor stores in Dutchess County to stay open later than 7:00 p.m.

On April 8, the Dutchess County Legislature had a successful vote to authorize wine and liquor retailers to extend their weekday and Saturday sales two hours, until 9 pm at the retailer’s discretion.

While Executive Molinaro doesn't oppose this change, he said the following:

This resolution effects a change that would typically require a minimum of two board meetings’ notice and a public hearing as with a local law. There were many people, including local liquor stores and municipal leaders, who were unaware this resolution was even being considered and then read about it in the media once it was done. There is clearly support for this change, but it is important that we provide the opportunity for all voices to be heard. In Dutchess County, we have always valued and championed the public process and always will.

The Legislature can now override the veto at their May 13 meeting, which is expected to be successful. At County Executive Molinaro’s suggestion, Legislature Chairman Gregg Pulver has agreed to place the override vote on the May 13 agenda, and the public will have the opportunity to speak before legislators vote.

Executive Molinaro added:

I expect the veto override will be successful and we can move forward with a change to liquor store hours that will level the regional playing field for these Dutchess County businesses. But we will also remain true to our principles of public engagement and transparency


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