Pets are a part of our family, and in rural areas like the Hudson Valley, that extends way past cats and dogs. A New Paltz resident is currently heartbroken as she searches for her missing mini potbelly pig, Piggie Smalls. Here's how you can help.

Missing Potbelly Pig in Gardiner, NY

Even though Mr. Smalls is a pig, he is clearly a member of owner Kelly Scotto's family. He's both neutered and microchipped, so any vet (or anyone else with a chip reader) would be able to identify both him and his owner. The chip may become vital, because unfortunately, Piggie wasn't wearing his collar when he escaped. There's another reason why he may be in danger, too.

Kelly Scotto via Facebook
Kelly Scotto via Facebook

Have You Seen Piggie Smalls?

"He has the potential to be a fast wanderer and is unfamiliar with his surroundings", said Kelly. He went missing from the Majestic Park area of Gardiner, NY, but could have explored much further in the 24 hours since he went missing. There are a few special things to keep in mind if you spot him.

Kelly Scotto via Facebook
Kelly Scotto via Facebook

How to Catch a Potbelly Pig

"He loves apples and cheerios if you do happen to come across him", said Kelly, but she also warned not to try and approach Biggie if he seems skittish. " If spotted, [he] should not be chased or he will take off running", she added. Here's what to look out for.

Description of Missing Pig Near new Paltz, NY

Piggie Smalls is described as a "black and white neutered male potbelly pig, with a white mohawk" weighing roughly 150 pounds. If you don't see Piggie, Kelly added, you still may be able to hear him, saying "pigs will bark like dogs when mad or in distress and sometimes sound like a screaming child".

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