Yes, I’m one of those old fashioned people that actually still gets magazines in the mail. There is something about when that latest issue shows up in your mailbox, and you can just relax for a little while, look through the pages while everything else fades into the background. And I imagine that for me, it’s because the magazines I get are very visual and not serious like Time. I get Country Living and HGTV Magazine. This brings me to the point of this story.

The magazines that I get, especially Country Living, have occasionally mentioned the Hudson Valley in the past, but since the pandemic and the obsession with living in the country, I see the Hudson Valley a lot more often. That’s what happened the other day when I got my brand new issue of Country Living. I quickly leafed through and came upon a picture of a big beautiful converted dairy barn. My eyes immediately spotted the words Hudson Valley (that seems to happen all the time). It didn’t say exactly where in the Hudson Valley, but I got the idea that it was definitely in the Millbrook area. Especially when I saw the businesses that were mentioned.

Babette’s Kitchen in Millbrook got a mention for local breakfast, and for lunch, they suggested Jeanie Bean & Family in Clinton Corners. Two of my favorite stores, the Hyde Park Antiques Center and Hammertown Barn in Pine Plains were both mentioned in the article, and so was Quattro’s Market and Butcher. And the couple that owns the converted dairy farm loves Clinton Vineyards. 

It’s always pretty cool when you’re reading a national magazine and you see some of your favorite towns and businesses. This issue of Country Living was particularly heavy with mentions of some of my favorite places. And I’m not even done reading it.

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