Lessons on mental health are now mandated in all New York schools.

The New York State Department of Education is now requiring all schools in the state to teach lessons on mental health. According to WHEC, this is part of a law Governor Andrew Cuomo signed two years ago but is just now going into effect. Hudson Valley schools will have to integrate mental health education into the curriculum in the 2018-2019 school year, but how will they do it?

WHEC reports that the New York State Department of Education has not provided any curriculum structure. Depending on where you live and attend school in the Hudson Valley, you could learn different lessons on mental health than other schools. The Department of Education says they will be providing districts with guidance soon but will expect schools to come up with their own plans.

Finding anything regarding mental health lessons on the Department of Education's website was difficult, nothing was upfront or easily accessible. After a search for 'lessons mental health,' the sixth result read 'MENTAL HEALTH LITERACY' that opened to a Powerpoint document with mental health facts, what schools can do to integrate mental health education and links to councils.


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