Some of the main focus items that we hope to achieve when shopping are essential. Some of us may look for healthier options while others choose to aim for the least inexpensive version of a product.

Others may have a goal of stocking up on particular items regardless of a certain brand or price.

Whether we look for the expiration date, the ingredients on the item or even calories, we want the best for ourselves and our family.

What do we do when there's a massive recall at a chain store across in the country?


Family Dollar is warning consumers about their recent recall of many everyday items.

This popular store brings in millions of customers in a year. With stores throughout the country, Family Dollar is a hot spot for all age groups. I personally like to shop there for cards, car fresheners and other unique items that I find at an inexpensive price.

These discount stores typically have cheaper prices than other popular retail shops. Family Dollar may be a go to establishment and some rely on the inexpensive prices that they offer.

The FDA released a recall in regards to medications, toiletries and more.


The Food and Drug Administration in the US has released a recall. There is a large number of over the counter medications along with toiletries products that are included in this recall which were sold at Family Dollar.

The voluntary recall of these medications and toiletries can be found here.

There is a detailed list of over 430 items that were sold at Family Dollar and now are recalled.

Some of the items include name brand products. From soap to deodorant and lip balm, the list goes on. Many pain relievers, medicines such as Dayquil, brands such as Colgate, Tylenol and Dove were some of the many items that were recently recalled.

Why were these items recalled?


Some of the items that were sold at Family Dollar were being recalled due to being "stored outside of temperature requirements."

What should you do if you find an item that was recalled?


The company didn't specific specific stores or locations. However, Hawaii and Delaware were not included in this recall.

Those customers with questions in regards to the recall can contact the Customer Service Department of Family Dollar.

Contact info: 844-636-7687 between the hours of 9am-5pm.

However, those who purchased, used the item(s) and experienced an issue with the recalled products should contact their local doctor or physician. 

Consumers can also report any issues that they experienced with the FDA"s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program. This can be done online or by mail.

Be sure to return any recalled items to a Family Dollar store.

Recently, there was a recall in regards to a healthy snack brand.

What items have you purchased that were later recalled? Share with us below.

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