In New York state when you win a jackpot through the New York lottery, you are usually instant-famous by name. But a fairly recent winner in East Berne walked away with a ten million dollar scratch-off lottery ticket jackpot and no one knows who the new millionaire is.

I'm sure he or she told a family member but if you go to the New York Lottery's website, the winner of the $10,000 a Week for Life scratch-off game is listed as "Precious Blessings LLC". Because the guaranteed winnings are ten million dollars, they elected to take a lump sum of $5,753,618. The scratch-off ticket was claimed back on September 13th. But instead of having his or her name blasted in the news or across social media, they created an LLC or corporation to claim the prize.

Where Was The Scratch-Off Sold

The $10,000 a Week For Life scratch-off ticket was sold at Stewart's Shops in East Berne, NY. The address is 788 Helderberg Trail in East Berne.

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Another Capital Region Winner Remained Anonymous

Remember back in September of 2020 when the Powerball jackpot reached nearly $95 million? It was the only winning ticket and it was sold in Malta at the Minogue's Beverage on Route 9. That winner came forward and all we knew was that it was one man from Ballston Spa. He chose to take a lump sum of over $50 million. But we never knew his name because he also created an LLC. His was named "September 2020 LLC".

It's Actually a Very Smart Idea

Think about it, if you won a major jackpot either on a scratch-off game or by playing one of the lottery's numbers games, wouldn't you want to keep it fairly quiet? When your name gets publicized, I imagine everyone would come out of the woodwork to get a piece of your jackpot.

So congratulations to the "Precious Blessings LLC" and good for you to remain somewhat anonymous.

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