We've been seeing a lot of wildlife in the Hudson Valley this summer. It seems like animals are getting far less timid than previous years. Deer seemed to adapt to humans but more and animals have come out of hiding.

Facebook and Instagram users in the Hudson Valley have reported a lot of fox, coyote and black bear sightings.

Bear sightings in particular have been in the rise in our area.

Do we now have to keep an eye out for large cats? I live in a pretty urban area. I thought the only place you could see one of these things was at the Trevor Zoo in Millbrook. At least then there's a fence between you.

According to the DEC, Bobcats are native to the state of New York. They aren't that big as they are about twice the size of an average house cat.

The DEC also reports that they can roam anywhere from 30 to 130 miles. They very well could be hanging out in your backyard.

That's the case for a homeowner in Putnam County who recently spotted a bobcat in her yard.

Imagine stepping outside on your deck to this cat just chilling in your yard. You might be a little shocked as the DEC also reports that bobcats mainly inhabit the Adirondack and Catskill regions.

The homeowner was able to get some magnificent photos of the animal.

Credit: Kim Gragert

Are they dangerous to humans? READ ON?

Credit: Kim Gragert

Are bobcats dangerous? According to True Tech, an attack on a human isn't likely. However, you should keep your pets indoors if you see one. One expert says to spray the animal with water to rid them of your yard. Something tells me you'd need something bigger than a spray bottle.

Credit: Kim Gragert

Have you seen a bobcat in the Hudson Valley?

Credit: Kim Gragert

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