Winner, winner... no chicken dinner!

Back in April we shared the news that a lower Hudson Valley firefighter made list for the 2019 Sexiest Vegan Next Door Contest. The contest is hosted by PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Lucky for us, our local hero won.

PETA announced that Yonkers firefighter Kevin Duffy is the male 2019 Sexiest Vegan Next Door. Kevin has been a firefighter for 8 years and says he became a vegan to help his performance when it came to participating in competitions such as Ironman and marathons.


Duffy also says he's lost 20 pounds while following a vegan diet and recovers fast from workouts. He also participates in Ironman competitions and has cut his time down by an hour.

Not only has his vegan lifestyle improved his physical health, but also his mental health. Duffy's says being a vegan helped his mental health after his brother's death on 9/11.

When talking to PETA, Duffy said "Healthy living, my new lifestyle, and plant-based food have helped me to change my life around, live with purpose, and give back to others."

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