When was the last time you saw a play area at a McDonald's let alone one right here in the Hudson Valley? This could be the last McDonald's PlayPlace in existence and it may be hanging on by a thread.

Who needs some motivation to kick off the new year? If this play area at McDonald's can make it through the the craziness of last year then you can too.

Maybe I am just being nostalgic but I grew up in the '90s and I absolutely loved going to the PlayPlace at my local McDonald's when I was a kid. It was a blast. It's sad to think that kids these days may never experience the joys of a germ filled ball pit.

Ever since helicopter parents started to complain about finding uses Band-Aids and rattle snakes it seems like they've closed most of them down years ago.

We may have found one of the last McDonald's play areas in the Hudson Valley maybe even the entire state of New York. The McDonald's location in Chester on Rte 94 has a nice play area complete with a slide and everything.

Credit: Mike Bidhauer

Unfortunately, like most things the play area is off limits for now due to COVID regulations but I was amazed to even see one. I can't belive it still stands. In fact, it even looks new. We need to preserve it.

Did you spend  time at the PlayPlace when you were a kid. Were there indoor play areas in the Hudson Valley years ago?

Let's hope the play area makes a triumphant return in 2021.

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