According to an email sent out to the store's Rewards members, the popular local gaming store Dragon's Den may be closing up shop for good next month.

Dragon's Den has been a hub of nerdy things in the Hudson Valley for years. Last year, the store was briefly closed due to tax issues, then moved from its old location in the Poughkeepsie Plaza Mall to a new one in Cambridge Commons in Wappingers Falls.

Unless a new owner can be found, the store will say its final goodbye on Feb. 28. Until that time, everything in the store is 25 percent off, and that sale will likely increase as it gets closer to February 28th.

The Rewards Program is now suspended, but regularly scheduled events at the store are still set to continue through January, with the usual prize support for events like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardfight, and more.

This is definitely sad news for nerds in the Hudson Valley. Dragon's Den has been a staple of the community for years. Hopefully, a new owner will come along before the deadline, but if not, be sure to stop by its location in Wappingers one last time before it closes.

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