Most things in life have been creeping up in cost lately.  From essentials like trips to the gas pumps, to visits to the grocery store, our wallets are hurting for sure. On the other side, things that people might classify as 'not essential,' like concert tickets - though I disagree strongly with this - have also been increasing in cost, seemingly by the day.

A recent announcement (that a lot of us have been waiting for) from a major ticketing vendor could provide a bit of financial relief while still allowing you to check out a few shows in the area.

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Live Nation Concert Week Will Run May 10th - May 16th

70+ artists and more than 3800 shows in total make up the list of concerts you are able to purchase tickets for, at a set cost of $25, beginning May 10th.

Tours including Beck & Phoenix, Godsmack and Staind, The Offspring, Taking Back Sunday, Shinedown, The Smashing Pumpkins, even Lynyrd Skynyrd & ZZ Top, Def Leppard & Motley Crue, and Lionel Richie and Earth, Wind & Fire...and the list goes on.

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Live Nation has announced the highly anticipated return of '25 All-In Tickets' for select shows, while tickets last, plus taxes when applicable. The $25 cost includes all fees BEFORE taxes, so this means that taxes can be added by city, state, and or venue, and this will happen during checkout.

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How Does $25 Concert Week Work?

After you make your list of must-see acts (well I guess that part is optional), beginning on May 10th you can check out this site to see a list of all participating events. You'll be able to sort by three categories, events, venues, and artists.

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According to Live Nation, most events have a standing ticket limit of eight per person, but you are able to buy as many $25 Concert Week tickets for as many shows as you'd like, while inventory lasts.

Remember that you'll be able to begin looking at which specific shows are included as part of the $25 ticket deal beginning May 10th, and you can also narrow down your search by venue as well.

Which one of the artists on the list are you most hoping to check out?

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