As the snow finally melts and the ground underneath is once again revealed, you may have noticed the same thing I have. There's, unfortunately, a lot of trash and junk on the sides of the roads throughout the Hudson Valley.

In Sullivan County, they are ready to do something about it, but they need your help. Litter Pluck 2018 will take place beginning Saturday, April 21 and continue through Sunday, May 13, and community groups, school clubs, as well as families and friends, are urged to participate.

Sullivan County will pick up the cost of the bags and the waste disposal fees for this project, so all you have to do is pick up your Litter Pluck bags at either your town or village hall or any County-operated transfer station.

All waste must be placed in clear bags and you will be asked to register at the County-operated transfer station at the time of drop-off. For more information, call Sullivan County Parks, Recreation, and Beautification Director Brian Scardefield at 845-807-0287.

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