How many times have you been flipping around, looking for something to watch on TV, and found yourself stopping on 'WIPEOUT' and just watching it. I have been with friends and I am always baffled about how every guy in the room loves this show and will laugh at people just not doing as well as they thought.

So, I watched a few episodes, and have to admit, I was hooked. I found myself cheering people on, groaning when they flopped on their faces and betting on whether or not that contestant was going to make it. Within just minutes, I was so invested in who was doing what and how they were fairing.

So how can the entire Hudson Valley and the WORLD root for you? Well, "WIPEOUT" is casting now and is 'taking applications.'

The first step? Be in shape? Be able to pass a physical and have a, heck, why not attitude. Keep in mind that filming takes place in California and you will need to get yourself there to be a part of it, once accepted.

  • Need to 18 years of age or older
  • Legal US resident
  • Willing to travel at your own expense to the Los Angeles area for competing and show taping.
  • Willing to submit to a background check if necessary.

Well? Think you have what it takes or are you just trying to get in the same room with John Cena? Here's where to get the info and application. 

If you get on the show or even get accepted to go to California for a taping, let us know so we can root you on!

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