Are you worried about your safety? Have you looked into ways to protect yourself? Does that 'personal safety' include having pepper spray with you? Are there certain legalities regarding pepper spray in New York?

If it is legal, can you have it in your car? If a cop sees it on your key ring, will they give you a hard time or will you get a ticket for it?

What is pepper spray? How is it made?

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The key ingredient in pepper spray just so happens to be a similar ingredient to the one that makes your mouth burn and your eye tear when you are eating wings or spicy food. That ingredient is oleoresin capsicum. It is a very spicy ingredient (in an oil base) that comes from hot peppers.

How does someone go about getting pepper spray in New York State?

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Pepper spray (believe it or not) cannot be shipped to an address in New York State. There are different versions of the spray, one that is formulated to work on animals and another version that can be used on people. If you are looking to get pepper spray, you will need to go out of state for the one to be used on people, yet the version that is used on animals can be shipped to a New York address.

Is it legal to have pepper spray on your person or in your car in New York State?

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Yes, according to a pepper spray website, it is legal to own and use pepper spray in New York State, it just might be super tough for you to actually get your hands on it. If you own a container of it, make sure to be careful with it. If you get it in your eyes or on your person, you will need to flush it with cool water immediately and seek professional medical assistance.

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