It's not something you'd expect any human being to do, especially right here in the Hudson Valley. But Megan Daniels says her dog was targeted by someone who wanted to poison and kill dogs.

Daniels, a resident of Beacon, says that hot dogs filled with a toxic level of Tylenol pills were recently tossed in her yard. The pet owner says that her dog walker took the animals into the yard and noticed one of the dogs eating something. It was swallowed before the caretaker could find out what it was. Then another hot dog was discovered on the ground nearby. After inspecting it, the dog walker saw that the hot dog had been split open and filled with pills.

After contacting her vet, Daniels says she was instructed to immediately feed her dog Hydrogen Peroxide to force it to throw up. When the dog vomited, another hot dog was discovered with two Tylenol pills inside of it.

The evidence was taken to local police and Daniels says the pills were determined to be Extra Strength Tylenol, which is potentially deadly if ingested by dogs. Police are currently investigating the incident and interviewing neighbors. If anyone has any information that may be helpful to the investigation, they should contact local law enforcement.

It's not known if this was a targeted attack or the work of someone looking to randomly harm pets, But while the investigation continues local pet owners should use extra caution when bringing their pets outside. Scan the area for foreign objects and If your dog begins to eat something, even if it's in your own yard, you should investigate it quickly.

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