You knew it was only a matter of time. Mac n Cheese is the go-to dish right now. Everything is being mashed up with it all over town. Chances are your favorite restaurant is offering some kind of Mac N Cheese dish.

Over the past few years, Lobster Mac N Cheese and even Chicken Mac N Cheese have grown in popularity. Don't even get me started on Tots N Mac N Cheese. That has to be an outlawed dish with all those carbs but trust me you can find it here in the Hudson Valley.

Kraft Mac & Cheese with a McDonald's Big Mac

So with all that being said, I shouldn't have found it a surprise that a leading Mac N Cheese maker would ask a top burger maker for a mash-up of their own. If you haven't heard the news broke last week and the Thrillest along with others are sharing the story all over the internet. The movement even has its own website,

Kraft Mac n Cheese is trying to convince McDonald's that the Big Mac needs to come with Kraft Mac n Cheese woven in the layers. If you ask me it's not a bad idea. I enjoyed a burger with Mac n Cheese on top and I have to admit it was one of the best burgers I've ever tasted. It was called the Mac Truck and it is served at P & G in New Paltz, New York.

PnGs Cornerstone via Facebook
PnGs Cornerstone via Facebook

So will McDonald's cave and make the mash-up with Kraft? We don't know yet but maybe after they retire the McRib and put up the Halloween Happy Meals they will be ready to consider that offering a Big Mac with Mac N Cheese on it is the way to go even if it is only for a limited time.

Either way, I am half tempted to get a box of Kraft Mac N Cheese and a Big Mac and make my own. If you don't have the stomach to try it but think that Mac N Cheese on a burger could work I personally suggest you try the Mac Truck at P & G's on Main Street in New Paltz or head to the Burger Box Just up the street.

The Burger Box serves a burger called The Mac n Cheese which has cheddar, Mac n Cheese which you can add truffles to and it's topped with sriracha aioli, grilled onion, and a hot cheery pepper.

Burger Box Via Facebook
Burger Box Via Facebook

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