Ok travelers, JetBlue is doing it again, this is the second time in two weeks! Are they just trying to get you to spend even more of your money in the month of January? Or are they doing their best to convince you that you really need to take some time away? The sale last week was called the "Winter Sale." This week, they are calling it "The Big Winter Sale."

Here's the scoop on this most recent (1/14-1/15/2020) sale fares:

  • These fares will need to be booked by midnight on January 15, 2020
  • You will have 24 hours (from the time of booking) to cancel your reservation if you change your mind.

The travel dates are the same as last week's sale, 1/21–3/31/20, and of course, there are still those blackout dates (President's Weekend) 2/18–2/19.

If you are looking to head south out of on of the New York airports (including Stewart) you might be able to get some deals to get out of town when it is winter weather here in the Hudson Valley.  According to the JetBlue website, there are a few additional restrictions like you'll get the best fares if you travel on Tuesday or Wednesday and if you want to speak to a person to book your tickets, as opposed to doing it online, they'll charge you $25 for talking with a person. For additional info, restrictions and all the sale fares, click here. 

Here are a few of the listed fares during what JetBlue is calling their "Big Winter Sale 2020"

  • Albany to Orlando, $94 (Same as last week)
  • Albany to Fort Lauderdale, $99 (Same as last week)
  • JFK to Raleigh, NC $99 (Same as last week)
  • JFK to Atlanta, GA $79 (Same as last week)
  • JFK to Turks & Caicos, $99  (Same as last week)
  • JFK to Sarasota, FL (SRQ), $84 (Same as last week)
  • JFK to Fort Myers, FL $109 (Increase of $5 from last week)
  • JFK to Las Vegas, $124 (Same as last week)
  • Newark to Tampa, $109
  • Newark to Fort Lauderdale $44, WHAT!!????
  • Newark to Fort Myers, $104 (Same as last week)
  • Newark to West Palm, $114
  • Newburgh to Orlando, $134 (Same as last week)
  • Newburgh to Fort Lauderdale $109 (Same as last week)

Do any of these fares tempt you to travel? Um, check out that fare from Newark to Fort Lauderdale? Would you go to a place that you have never been to before, simply because the fare was too good to pass up? Where do you like to get away to, do you head to the mountains to sky or to the sun and the beach? Which airport do you prefer to fly in and out of?

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