Already thinking about shopping for the holidays? Or maybe you are shopping for yourself, but not 100% sure about your purchase. Can you return the item you are on the fence about? Will you buy it and take it home to think about it, if the return policy of the store allows it?

Is the return policy 10 days? 30 days? 90? Here (as of October 2023) the return policies of popular Hudson Valley. Just a note, these are the regular non-holiday return times unless listed and for returns on in-store purchases, not for purchases that were made online.  Also, it is just a given that you will need to have a receipt showing the date of purchase and how much you paid.

What is the return policy of Macy's?

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The return window for purchases made instore at Macy's is 30-days. Yes, there will always be an exception to that rule, but you only have 30-days to bring back an item there.

What is the return policy for Target Stores?

Target stores, for most items, has a 90-day return policy (with receipt). If you make the purchase using your Target credit card, you could potentially have another month. 

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What is the return policy for Kohl's Stores?

For Kohl's stores, most items can be returned with or without a receipt up to 180-days after purchase. There are different policies for electronics, beauty items and holiday purchases.

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What is the return policy for Lowe's?

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For Lowe's stores, items will need to be returned in-store within 90 days, with a receipt. There are different return policies for appliances, tools and paint.

What is the return policy at Staples stores?

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Return times at Staples stores depends on the item that was purchase. For instance, returning office supplies (with a receipt) you can pretty much do at any time. However when it comes to software, computers or office technology, they have limits of up to 14 days. Have an issue? Bring the item with its receipt to the store and talk to them.

What is the return policy at a Best Buy store?

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If you purchase something at Best Buy, you should really make sure that you want it. Depending on the item, you will have a quick 14 or 15 days to return an item, with receipt, unless you have one of their membership programs which appears to extend return times.

Which is the store that you find yourself returning items at the most?

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