Do you belong to wholesale clubs or discount clubs in New York? The ones where you pay an annual membership and then get to buy 100 rolls of paper towels at a time? Are they worth joining all year? Does it depend on the size of your household and what you end up purchasing from them?

Do you seek out these discount clubs during the winter holidays? This might be the time of year for you to check the clubs out, as there are many special offers and they have really big packages of paper plates and disposable items. What's the difference between the clubs? Which ones have winter membership specials? Keep reading.

What is the difference between BJ's Wholesale, Costco and Sam's Club?

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While some might say there is little to no difference, I beg to differ. I have memberships at Sam's Club and at Costco.

I have been a member at BJ's Wholesale Club many times over the years and will join when they have a special, but this one lapses because I have to go out of the way to get to the club. They have great items for more families, as well as for businesses, if it was in my daily path of travel, I would probably have a current membership.

If you want to check them out, there is a $20 very basic membership that you can get through the middle of December.

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What about Costco and Sam's Club?

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I have to say that Costco and Sam's (along with BJ's) all have similarities, but the use of the app to scan the items, and the self-checkouts are on point at these two places. I have never placed an 'order ahead, curb pick-up' at any of the places, I just get there early, avoid the times that they are sampling food items, and get in and get out.

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At any of the above clubs, unless you are there almost daily, get the regular membership, don't feel pressured to get the plus or the upgrade unless you need a business membership or early shopping hours. And a pro tip, ask at the membership counter if they have any membership deals at the moment. The worst they can say is yes, and then you are spending all your money there.

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